Victory and Satisfaction in 2011

I want to give you some keys that will help make 2011 a year of spiritual victory and a year of satisfaction.

We all start the New Year with anticipation of new beginnings and a chance to be more victorious in our Christian walk

Here are some things that will help you be what you want to be in 2011.

  1. Endeavor this year to make God a priority—that is, putting Him first in your life.
  2. Maintain communication with God by having specific times of prayer and intercession.
  3. Have a systematic plan of Bible reading, both devotionally and in depth study.
  4. Honor God with you substance; pay your tithes; be a good steward of all you have.
  5. Give to the needy. This will bring you great pleasure and satisfaction.
  6. Plan to be consistent in your attendance at church; the Body of Christ needs you and you need the Body.
  7. Take stock of your life. Make a list of priorities and stick with it.

Yes, 2011 can be a year of victory and satisfaction if we get control of our lives.

Pastor Ron Killingbeck

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